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When an interior designer who dreams of creating her own line of textiles meets a weaver who can make those dreams into reality, great things happen. Twill Textiles. A fabric collection drawn directly from the age-old craft of hand weaving and Sam Kasten’s designs.

Twill Textiles is the creation of Suzanne Lovell, a Chicago based architectural interior designer  and Sam Kasten, one of America’s foremost hand weavers of custom fabrics and rugs, founder of Sam Kasten Handweaver.

Their mutual fascination with the craft of hand weaving encouraged them to form this unique partnership. Together they have designed and launched a line of sophisticated fabrics that skillfully translates Sam’s original hand wovens on to machine looms.

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Twill also has a great range of hand-printed linens, inspired from some of their most popular weaves, hand in hand with Peter Fasano.

Twill Textiles has worked with many of the world’s finest designers, including Pierre Yovanovitch, Mlinaric Henry & Zervudachi, CS Décoration, John Pawson, Michael Smith, Nathan Egan and more, Waldo...