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These remarkable textiles were created as dowry gifts in a remote mountain village in Iran. They were woven between 70 and 100 years ago, using the finest local lambswool; each one was made as a very personal gift.

What is striking about these kilims is not only their superb craftsmanship, but the timefree design which is strikingly sophisticated, simple yet subtle, such as a saturated hue in the centre of one with ‘faded’ shades of the same colours at the ends; the asymmetry; an insolent red stripe which marches smartly off the end; a brushstroke of red, off centre.

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They recall some of the great artists and creative thinkers of the last century – Rothko, Malevitch, Mondrian, Albers, Motherwell, Kelly, Reinhardt or Barnett Newman…

One or two of the rarer pieces are double weaves; these are remarkable collectors’ pieces – a unique collection worthy of the most discerning art lover.

UNDISCOVERED MINIMALISM, a book on the subject written by Tanavoli Parviz, an Iranian sculptor and expert on these Iranian textiles. The book was published in 2011 and features many pieces from this collection.

Dimensions and prices are available on request.