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CHALK! On the search for paint, wall and floor finishes which would complement the MM Design textile collections to a ' T ', we came across an artisan producing the very thing we had hoped to find: chalk paint, tadelakt and polished cement for all uses, including outdoor in some cases, with a depth, patina and in the case of the paint, the perfect, matt finish with innate patina. It didn't stop there: as Victor Kyam so famously said about quite another product, we were so impressed by both product and service that we decided to develop our own exclusive range of thirty colours across the three finishes, knowing that any colour - within reason - may be matched to order for a small development charge:

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This sensational lime based paint is odourless, allows the walls to breath, and is wonderfully versatile, in combination with a special undercoat. It may be used indoors or out, in a structured vertical application or a more poetic figure of eight swirling application, to offer a chalky, matt, figured finish. We have also applied this in a very diluted version directly onto raw wood boards to provide a finish reminiscent of the chalk paints which have been used for generations. We offer a protective coat for outdoor use or where required inside the home.

A dream to apply onto our undercoat, this smooth lime-based plaster paste is applied onto beautifully prepared surfaces in a clean, confident sweep using a plasterer's rectangular trowel. Excess paste is removed once it starts to dry, and the more you go over the surface with the trowel to smooth it over, the greater the moiré effect will be. The finished surface is topped off with a Savon de Marseille finish which is left to dry then polished up, to provide an amazingly elegant finish. The strength of this product lies not only in your ability to provide a stunning finish in areas exposed to humidity (bathroom, wash room or kitchen) but more significant still, to apply this to standard plasterboard (after applying the undercoat) to provide a surface worthy of a 15th Century Venetian palazzo.

This highly versatile finish may be used for furniture (a bar in a hotel; a counter top in a kitchen etc), for walls and for floors. Requiring some degree of preparation to provide the right surface for application, this wonderful product is made to order to provide a range of sumptuous colours to enhance your project, offering a flexibility as to colour and application to satisfy your creative skill. The product is supplied with a protective resin finish and is therefore suitable for kitchens, floors, showers, floors etc. Indoor use only.

We have a small, skilled team on offer in France (who are happy to travel) to apply all finishes; alternatively, we can train you or your teams to apply all three products, as required. We also supply the tools for application, such as thick brushes for the paint, stainless steel trowels for the Tadelakt and Polished Concrete, substantial, specifically shaped sponges for the Tadelakt...

Custom colours and technical specifications are available on request from your representative. Colour cards are available at a cost of £30.00 inc VAT + shipping to order. Please allow up to four weeks from confirmation of your order and receipt of payment for delivery of custom colours.

MM DESIGN EXCLUSIVE, available worldwide