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Cécile Roudier For MM Design and Kasten Tibetans, Cécile has created a new line, ‘Pebbles’, a subtle marriage of contrasts of technique and colour allied with fine hand weaving.

Cécile Roudier studied at Applied Arts/Duperré in ‘Design and space’ and ‘Fashion and environment’ before gravitating towards the world of architecture and exploring its many facets. The link between the construction of public spaces, council housing, the interior design of luxury boutiques or private residences, textiles and furnishings are the materials, the line, colour and light. Her attention to detail, her knowledge and interest in materials and techniques have resulted in her creating unique and elegant one-off designs.

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She has been teaching at ENSAAMA since 1987. Currently Cécile is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, designing and outfitting Consulates and Embassies for France worldwide. She has created lighting, designed furniture and one-off rugs adapted to correspond to each, relevant not only to the cultural setting but also the function of each prestigious building, be it the Palais Farnese in Rome, the Palais Thott in Copenhagen, Ambassadorial residences in Africa, Europe, China or La Paz in Bolivia.

The positive reponse to her designs has inspired Cécile to produce small collections, allowing her to develop her themes and colours.

Cécile’s ’Pebbles’ designs are offered in both a traditional rug and runner formats and can be adapted to your needs as to colour, content, technique, shape and size.