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BELGIAN LINENS MM Design is working with a superb Belgian-based linen mill, proposing a huge range of multi-purpose linens in a luscious range of colours and textures. From the very raw to the highly tailored, the fabrics come in a vast choice of weights and shades, be it the recently introduced Glazed Voile with a quasi-metallic appearance by night, to a hessian-style linen for an appealing, back-to-roots aesthetic; a very smart upholstery with a small percentage of Polyester to allow the slightest stretch for highly elegant upholstery or a hefty, bunched yarn weave for deliciously chunky furniture upholstery.:

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The mill has been supplying fabric to the Belgian Royal household for decades, satisfying a high end clientele not merely with superior goods but equally supported by an excellent, reliable service.

They also offer good eco-credentials (a sheet with the specifics is available on request).

Custom colours are offered in your favourite qualities - please contact your representative for the details as to minimums and lead times for a specific style and quantity.

Widths typically run between 130 and 145 cms according to design although wide width fabrics are available on request (maximum 3 metre widths).

Most references are in stock, with lead times for those that are sold out being on average between 4 and 8 weeks.
Available worldwide through MM DESIGN.